Our Mission


Earth’s environment is fast approaching the point of no return. Humanity is at a crossroad, and there is no time to waste. Fossil fuels and polluting companies must go the way of the steam engine, or life on our planet will go the way of the dinosaur. Today, the only real progress is toward an environmental economy. Will we opt for a brilliant green future, or the end of existence? Do we really have a choice? We choose this to challenge to be our religious conviction, we choose to be Environmentologist.

In the race to save our environment, even small adjustments in our everyday lives will make a difference. Families need to know the dangers of household chemicals and the safe alternatives. Homeowners should be educated on Earth-friendly alternatives for home building and decorating.

The Evironmentologists emphasis shares the core principles of respect for diversity, future focus and sustainability, community based economics, ecological wisdom, personal and global responsibility, (grassroots) democracy of participation and accountability, non-violence, and social justice and equal opportunity.

With our international mind-set, we seek to become the leaders of progress for a union between the people and the planet.